Wooden Sculpture

Phil mainly uses red cedar to create much of his art.  He also utilizes yellow cedar, alder, maple, and yew wood.  His work in wood includes masks, panels, and totem poles.  You can also see other functional wooden pieces such as doors, rattles, bowls, and bentwood boxes in the Functional Art section.​  Photos courtesy of Coastal Peoples Gallery, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Fazakas Gallery, Lattimer Gallery, and Stonington Gallery.


Phil's panels are usually made with red cedar, but can also be created with yellow cedar, resin, or etched glass.  Most of the round panels are 2-4 feet round and square or rectangular panels can be ordered from 2 feet upwards.  

Bentwood Boxes

Bentwood boxes are made by steaming and bending a single piece of cedar to form the sides of the box.  Traditionally these unique boxes were used for cooking, storage, packing items, and many other uses.